Oct 112010

I flew in this morning for this years VMworld Europe in Copenhagen. The hype up to this point is starting to go into overdrive with the partner day kicking off on Monday the 11th. Twitter is littered with pictures of the town of Copenhagen and the setting up of the event its self. I managed to get registered and picked up my pass already (very quick and easy by the way). Already I get a sense that VMware have put a bit more money towards this event as this years bag and goodies are better Cannes was (yes i know its a toy airplane, water bottle and a t-shirt but its better than nothing.

From what I have seem of the Bella Center it looks a more than capable venue for the event. It is also very close to the airport and local tube/train facilities. as a pre event impression i would give the whole welcome and sign-up 9/10.

I am looking forward to much of the even but I am especially interesting learning more around vCD. Specifically the real life use cases. I obviously realise VMware are not so stupid to present use cases that, lets say, had issues. But I would like to see the manor in which large enterprise adopt vCD and I wonder if they hit the same issues that I anticipate vCD in its current guise does not accommodate for.

I am also looking forward to the VDI vendors (not just VMware) and see how this genre has developed and if any one has stared to pull away in the VDI space. VDI is currently my primary work load so any new vendors, tools or tricks I can pick up will be hugely useful. I know my Friends at Atlantis Computing are exhibiting his week so I plan to see how they fair up next to the competition.

I am going to be blogging every chance I get but also keep an eye on http://vmware.com/go/vmworld-contributors

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Sep 212010

I have finally managed to get my self to this years vmworld Europe. Many many thanks to John Troyer(@jtroyer) and Richard Garsthagen(@the_anykey) for helping me get a bloggers pass.

One of my main goals is to get more vocal in the communities and attending conferences like this as a blogger can only help the cause.

As soon as vmware announced that the Europe conference was to be so soon after the main conference every one assumed that europe would be a poor version of the San Fran conference. I must confess I was one of those people.

But now I have a renewed sense of optimism and heres why:

  • Great breakout sessions such as:
    • VMware vCloud Director Technical Overview
    • VDI Performance Benchmarking and Best Practices
    • Design, Deploy, and Optimize Microsoft SQL 2008
    • etc
  • Hands on Labs like:
    • VMware ESX 4.1 – New Features
    • VMware vSphere Performance & Tuning
    • VMware vCenter Configuration Manager – Provisioning, Patching, and Software Distribution
    • VMware vCenter Chargeback – Advanced
    • etc
  • Solutions Exchange



I know there will not be the big announcements like there were at Cannes last year (seems like longer) but there is still enough to get grab my attention. VMworld Europe will never live up to the US version but its well worth the effort.

As I was part of the vCD beta I am eager to catch up with some of the guys that have been tirelessly working (in secrecy) away behind the scenes for some time now and being able to talk in public about vCD. I would also like to get some real world customer opinions on vCD as its one thing believing what the vendor says compared to what the guys on the front line say.

Oh yes and the parties……..

I hope to meet as many of the bloggers and tweeters as possible. If you see me feel free to stop and say hello.

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