Apr 262010

I thought I would share this experience with you as I was reminded of it by reading Dave Lawrence’s (The VMguy) blog – http://vmguy.com/wordpress/index.php/archives/1343.

While working for a customer that has a medium sized VI3 environment for VDI purposes I came across a limitation. The customer used SUN VDI as there VDI software. While I am not a expert in this area I have used various VDI products in the past and have learned that they are all (at a very very high level) quite similar.

They wanted to ramp up the number of images they had to around 2500. While this has little impact to the overall resource that was available it did mean that other considerations needed to be considered. In this case it was the max on the vcenter server. In VI3 it is 2000.

This left 2 options either upgrade to vsphere that can accommodate 3000 or change the sun vdi version to 3.0 and add a second vcenter (preferably in linked mode).

My contract finished before I got to find out what they have decided to do. I know any vmware architect worth his salt would probably spot that but i though it was interesting that my customer was just plodding ahead without even considering these type of issues.

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