May 142010

I finaly got my authorisation through from the vmware certification team that can book my design exam.

As with the enterprise exam you can only take it at the test center in Holbourn London (uk obviously). Luckly my current client is in London (walking distance in fact) so for me this is quite handy.
Ironicly the best day for me happens to have landed right smack on my birthday. Typical…..

I had done about 5 minutes of looking at other peoples blogs and saw that they thought the design exam was easyer than the enterprise. As such I was getting quite hopeful until i saw the design blueprint. Looks like I was wise to leave 6 weeks to study as it looks like I’m going to need it.

I am busy collating all the revision matirial I can lay my hands on and I will post what I find once i manage to get hold of it.

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