Apr 302012

Because I’m just so kind and generous, I’ve decided to give away my VMware Workstation 8 Licence I got for passing my VCP 5. I already have a Workstation licence and although I’m sure I could find a use for it I thought that someone out there might have a greater need for it than I do.


Whoever leaves a comment on this page on the subject of what is their favourite VMware product or feature and why (and I think is the best answer), will win the licence.

(dont write and essay, just a line or 2 will do)

UPDATE 15/05/2012:

I have selected Matts comment as the winning comment. Storage vMotion (even back in the 3.5 days) got me out of many a perils situation and with the improvements today along with Storage DRS it’s up there among my own personal favourites.

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  14 Responses to “VMware Workstation 8 Licence Give Away”

  1. After a two way tie between DRS and Storage vMotion, I’m going to have to lean towards Storage vMotion – drastically reduces storage migration time at array EOL or if a VM needs to be promoted or demoted to a different tier of storage.

  2. It great to learn different OS programming with vm ware

  3. Feature: Supported operating systems. Using VMware I can pretty much load any OS from windows current / legacy to non windows O/S. A must for students or anyone wanting to build test labs / scenarios.

  4. VMware WS8 Nested Virtual Machines.

  5. It is the great use and useful software for learning another operating system like Linux. It helps to provide platform to learn linux shell program in window environment. So please grant me the license as I am the student of MCA and I don’t have money to buy this software.

  6. Linked clones in WS8. Makes it possible to have a big home lab with a small storage footprint.

  7. I’d have to go with Workstation 8’s shared virtual machines and “server mode.” And alas, my last version of Workstation isn’t upgradable any more. 🙂

  8. I need this to practice Linux.

  9. I think my favorite vmware product is vCenter Operations Suite. It really helps maintain control over a virtual enviroment and prevents many issues like vm sprawls, capacity issues etc.

    Kind Regards

  10. Working with VMware Workstation takes mo time as it is very quick on working with another OS.

  11. Working with VM Ware is like sharing the application with the test mate for better productive result.

  12. I am a student of Computer Science.
    I often tests the security programs on a virtual machine.
    But the program that I use now (it’s VirtualBox) is not enough for me, because I would love to win this program. In my opinion, VMware Workstation is one of the best applications to virtual machines.
    So much I asked for Count Me. I could use this application to test security software and learn about different operating systems. Count Me Pretty please, I will be eternally grateful if fate smiles on me and I manage to win this program.

    Best Regards Jarek.

  13. hey jared, as i updated in the post this is comp is now over.

  14. Oh I understand, too bad that only now I found the Lord’s side and this contest and I’m late. Looking everywhere, such a competition where you can win this program. And no portal does not organize a competition for this application. Likewise, when it comes to my person, I can not afford it so I can buy this application. Unfortunately, the Polish conditions, this application is quite expensive and a student like me can not afford this great application. Well, but what after all, thank you for your response. Maybe someday I’ll find a contest where you can win this application.

    Best Regards Jarek.

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