Here’s my list of my favourite podcasts:


Great Podcast for enterprise level technologies. Very informative and easy to follow even for the relative newb.



New podcast with some really knowable guys talking about some real techy stuff. Gets down to the nitty gritty so this one isn’t for non techies.


VMware Community Roundtable Podcast

Undoubted the most listened to Virtualisation podcast. There can be the odd salesy episode but mainly its a great listen for all interested in virtualisation.


vBeers Podcast (Name subject to change)

This was a trial Podcast to test out the mic in the pub background. I am still working out the logistics on this one but I will get something up and running soon. Feel free to listen to this one though, its a bit rough and ready (7 or 8 pints of premium larger has that effect) and there is the odd £$%£ but I’m full of good intentions.

test podcast

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