Mar 032015

One of the great things about this tech community is how we advertise each others private blogs and other contributions. And im a huge fan of the top vBlogs on the vLaunchpad.

Ill be the first to admit i’ve not been very productive from a blogging perspective this year but hopefully the content I have posted over time will help me at least get on the board (which is all im bothered about tbh).

So please get voting over at vSphere-Land and get voting for those who go out there way to create these blogs and create great content.

As ever what a legend Eric Siebert is. Putting this together every year with increasing levels of complexity and scale means a massive amount of personal work for him so a huge THANK YOU is very justified.


Oh any if you feel inclined to throw a vote my way id be mighty please 😉

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Oct 132010

I had to chuckle to myself when i saw this as I hate hearing my own voice but am very pleased they used me in this video.

I must confess Kendrik has a much better speaking voice then I do. Despite me being in this video its a great advert for the blogging and general social community.
I hope everyone keeps up the good work and keeps sharing the wealth of information with the world.

I’m about 4:55 mins in.

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