Mar 292011

Cisco Systems has announced its intent to acquire Service Catalog and Self Selvice Portol software provider newScale.

“newScale is a leading provider of software that delivers a service catalog and self-service portal for IT organizations to select and quickly deploy cloud services within their businesses.”

For those working in the cloud technology area this will not have come as a shock. To me it seems a very natural progression after Cisco acquired Tidal Software.

Check out the official announcement bellow:

Once Cisco get the Tidal and newScale software in line in such a way they can be seen as one cloud solution I think they will have a very credible competitor to the other cloud software on there hands. And along with Cisco’s UCS it gives a very attractive package to customer wanting an comprehensive cloud solution.

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Feb 072011

I’m not a sales/marketing person so this post is not aimed at trying to sell anybody anything. I thought that those people interested in cloud technology and offerings would be interested to know about my companies new private cloud offering.

Announced at Cisco Live Europe last week the VDC Private (Virtual Data Centre) is a flexible private cloud that fits around the business need of the customer.

Here is the Register Article:

If you are interested in VDC Private drop me a line and I can discuss in more detail.

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Jan 032011

I have been pretty quiet over the last couple of months both on my blog and on twitter. Anyone that knows me will know this is quite unusual.

While I have missed the interaction with my fellow geeks I needed to re-charge my batteries and get my focus back. I had been contracting for over 2 years and felt it was the right time to take a short brake and spend the time with my family. Over 2 months later and I feel refreshed and ready to take on anything that can be thrown at me. Also spending 24/7 with your family can really make you want to go back to work. (my other half does not read my blog 😉

So while quite a few of you reading this may already be aware that I have accepted a new role I thought I would let the rest of my readers know. I have left the uncertain and quite frankly unfriendly world of contracting behind me and have gone back to the warm embrace of permanent work. While I’m sure Mr tax man will also be rubbing his hands in anticipation at this news I felt the opportunity was far to great to turn down.

I am now a Virtualisation Specialist/Consultant for BTInet. I wont go into great detail about BTInet but if you would like to find out more about the company please visit the website bellow.

BTInet Home

So expect lots of posts on Clouds, UCS, vBlocks, Flexpods and VMware. You may also see some posts on VMware’s rivals also.

I am looking to keep my hand in with the communities as networking is a fantastic way to meet like minded people and contribute my own opinions. All being well (and if I’m aloud) I will be attending the London VMUG in Feb and the next vBeers.

I am very exited about 2011 and it couldn’t have got off to a better start. I’m sure January is going to be a mentally busy month for me but I’m sure it will be immensely enjoyable also.

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