Jul 242012

I’m very happy to announce that I will be joining VCE as a vArchitect.

I am very exited to get on board with VCE and as I have been a huge fan of the concept from day one and have always made sure I kept a close eye on how things progressed and how the uptake of Vblock took off.

VCE represent a huge opportunity for me to develop my career to the next level and although im sure there will be tough challenges ahead I look forward to being part of the VCE team that take them to massive & further success in the future.

I would like to thank my previous employer. I started there at a time when their datacentre practice was very embryonic and helped it grow to a viable mature practice with a great outlook for the future.

Also, those who follow my blog probably noticed a bit of a decline in posts over the last year. Work commitments made it very difficult to be a regular blogger but im hoping that I will be able to raise the bar once again.

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