Dec 232013

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An of advantage of Vblock using Panduit as its cabinet supplier means the custom cabinet and cable management components that Panduit supply to VCE allows for optimal space and cable management based around a set exacting standards. It allows for maximum efficiency when building out the physical components into the cabinets.

However, there are sometimes DC requirements that go beyond what is a standard option within the Vblock configuration. Being that Panduit don’t just supply cabinets but a whole range of DC options means that VCE can meet almost any DC requirement no matter how demanding.

One of my customers who use a Colo DC required that the Vblock must be supplied and fit into a cold aisle containment row. The DC did have a supplier for their default cabinet cold aisle containment but unfortunately that company had gone out of business.

We deployed the Panduit Net-Contain Containment System.


Panduit and VCE worked together to scope and deploy the Vblock and Cold Aisle Containment system.


Those familiar with VMAX with know that its mandatory to use EMC cabinets are are actually a different height from the Panduit cabinets used in the rest of the Vblock. Panduit produced custom built panels at the top of the VMAX Titan racks to fill the void and ensure non of the cold air escaped. Floor panels designated for expansion are also covered with floor to roof blanking panels which are easily removable.

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