Oct 132010

“The Evolutionary Path to a Revolutionary Approach to IT”

Today is the first day of the conference proper today and to kick it all off is the keynote speeches from Paul Maritz, President and Chief Executive Officer, and Steve Herrod, Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President of R&D.
They are presenting the “VMware vision for IT as a Service, and plan to demonstrate new virtualization and cloud computing technologies enabling modern infrastructures, application platforms and end-user computing.”

Opening Video –

The opening video mainly focused about what is cloud? There were several references to the Matrix in the video (the Oracle and the bullet dodging screen springs to mind).

One thing that I was very interested in this year was the attendance due this conference being so close to the main vmware event in San Fran.

Bellow are the attendance figures:

2008 – 4500

2009 – 4700

2010 – 6000


I’m sure its been well publicised that the labs this year are operated as part of a cloud. This was championed in the key note as being significant proof that cloud works and works well. (Ill be sitting the labs tomorrow so ill let you know if they got there).

Interesting things to note:

  • Developers moving to spring source and ruby on rails etc. This is to provide new enterprise in applications going forward.
  • One thing that that grabbed my attention was Paul’s comment that the operating system will be much less prevelent in the cloud, not that the operating system will be going away but will become just a background feature in the cloud.
  • It looks like if cloud really takes off then SaaS will really pick up pace and this is event in the way VMware are positioning there development
  • VMware are now trying unify the gadget world and as they acknowledge that different ways of accessing systems are going to be even more diverse in years to come.
  • Integrien is a company that VMware acquired that does, in my opinion, long over due advanced – monitoring at a glance. The screen shots that were in the keynote kind of reminded me of Quests Spotlight but that can only be a good thing as i like spotlight.
  • One thing Paul mentioned that looked really cool was that they have got an app that will let you use your iPad to manage vCenter this may not change the way we administer our environments but its a good step in the right direction.
  • Service catalogue in the cloud. Its a little like an App Store but for server and desktop OS and applications.
  • Virtual datacenters, gold, bronze and silver pools of resource can be derived from a very large pool of resources. It can also utilize service providers to run the applications, its depending on the model and costing (this is a hybrid cloud).
  • Chargeback charges for what users use not just a one off fee.

VMware have a new high-level 3 part methodology

Cloud infrastructure and management
  • Vsphere,
  • Vcenter,
  • Vcd,
  • Vshield
New application platforms
Vmware vFabric:
  • Salesfource(vmforce), google app engine, csc net classv fabric cloud.
  • Java is big at the moment but expect announcement around adding languages to the platform.
End user computing.
  • Vmware view 4.5 – local mode. Costs? Can cost less than lowest end pcs
  • Project horizon.
    • Policy application management.
    • I am very interested how they are gonignt o manage non SaaS applicaions, ThinApp perhaps?
  • Horizon on iPad. Looks very cool and very easy usability. (Expect to hear alot more about project Horizon in the coming months)

vCD demo:
I have had a look at vCD before however it was a good opportunity to see a configured environment and see how it should be used properly. I know they used the LabMager technology for vCD but webinterface is very similar. I know that the VMware guys hate me saying that vCD is labmanger with lots of bells and whistles but at the end of the day that’s all it is.

Check out the key note speeches yourself at http://www.vmworld.com/community/conferences/europe2010/generalsessions

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