Aug 292018

This is the first in a series of posts that will showcase the kind of use cases that are achievable using VCN peering for both the Ravello and OCI platforms.

If you reading this you are likely familiar with Ravello and either us it through something like the vExpert program, are on a trial or are a paying customer.

While Ravello has so awesome flexibility it is missing the odd feature you would expect from a Public Cloud service. For example, file and object storage, database services, private network connectivity to you workloads etc.

Now that Ravello is part of the Oracle portfolio it wouldn’t make sense to build out those services as part of Ravello when they exist in OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastucre). It makes much more sense to give Ravello access to such services.

Using a capability called VCN peering you are able to link a Ravello application to an OCI VCN (Virtual Cloud Network) allowing for those services in OCI to be available in that Ravello app. I’m not going to show you how to create a VCN peer here but follow the guide here.


OCI File Storage Services:


One of the cool things that OCI has is the File Storage Service.  Previously in Ravello if you wanted to present a some file storage you would have needed to create a NAS server in the application itself. Now we can present the file storage through the VCN peering connection. This as the added advantage of not being unique to the Ravello application, which means that a file saved to the file share in Ravello can be available to either other Ravello applications OR to other OCI resources.

To create a File System follow these instructions. After this you will have a private IP which is accessible to Ravello through the VCN peer.


And for Ravello this is great, as it means things like backups can be accessed even if the Ravello application is deleted.

The Veeam Lab Architecture:

I have a VMware lab running in Ravello with 4 x vSphere 6.7 host, 1 x VCSA appliance and 1 x Veeam Backup and Replication Server. I have linked my Ravello application to a VCN in an OCI tenancy (this can be any OCI tenancy with a region) using VCN Local Peering, and created a file system in OCI. (this assumes you have already created the VCN network and build your subnets, see the getting started seciton in OCI for help to do this.)


Once you have the initnal setup complete you need to add the NAS as a backup repository in Veeam B&R.

veeam first

When you setup your backup job select the shared folder option.


Depending on the options you selected when you create the file share you will see 100GB of storage space.


Once you have done the above you can now run the job and have the backup files stored in a enterprise grade and scale public cloud file store.

veeam job running


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Jul 222016

Hello readers, its been a while since I’ve done a blog post and I have to acknowledge I’ve been rubbish keeping up with my blogging duties.

However this is still a good medium for me to let you all know what happening with your favourite Mackem.

After 4 GREAT years with VCE (and a year and a half reselling Vblocks before that) I’ve taken the difficult decision to move on. I’ve seen VCE grow from a $100mil a year in revenue to over $2 billion. No matter what you think of VCE, there can be no doubt those figures are staggering. VCE created and lead the CI marketplace from day one and has driven huge change in how infrastructure is consumed. The values of simplicity, agility, lower TCO etc are the cornerstone of VCEs CI offerings way before Cloud was being adopted in any mainstream way.

(one of my babies)

It should almost go without saying that while the company had a great strategy, it was the people that made it happen. I can hand on heart say that I leave behind some of the smartest and most driven people I’ve had the pleasure of working with in my career to date.

Under the stewardship of VCE, in the 4 years I worked there I was promoted twice and was a member of many internal initiatives to help drive things like integration into the wider EMC machine and optimising current practises. Also with my side role as a Technical Team Lead I got to mentor some inspirational youngsters (and some who wish they were young) who will be forces to be reckoned with in years to come.

So WHY leave if it was so amazing, I hear you all cry.

I’m sure you will all agree, IT has evolved faster and more dramatically than ever before in the last 4-5 years. Trying to remain relevant as an individual is becoming harder and harder in a world where infrastructure alone is becoming less and less relevant as a differentiation for customers. As a fiercely ambitions person I feel the role I was offered (its a nice feeling to be headhunted lol) gives me an opportunity to take a career step up and also open doors for serious progression over the next 5-10 years.

 Oh yes, the world will be mine (evil laugh)


So to that end, I am happy to announce that I have joined Oracle Cloud as a Cloud Leader specialising in IaaS.

My new responsibilities from 30,000 feet include Evangelising, helping defining strategy and Go to Market, discussing and building business and relationships associated with the Oracle Cloud & Customer programmes, the Oracle Cloud Machine and Oracle’s highly competitive IaaS offerings. I’m sure some of you vExperts reading this will be aware of Ravello, ill be focusing on that specifically and I plan to do lots of posts on that super coolness in the coming weeks and months. What’s cool is this role is flexible so ill be able to go as high level or as deep as I need to.

There are a HUGE bunch of things I’m super stoked about by joining Oracle, not just is Oracle a Cloud Provider but its one that covers all the bases in a way others currently aren’t. Its also a massive challenge to try and take on the market leaders, but its one that I relish. Oracle are SERIOUS about cloud, they are investing and WILL be one of the major players in the public and hybrid cloud space including of all flavours cloud in the years to come.

THE STANDING JOKE: Those who already know I’m now part of the ‘big red machine’ have already ribbed me about licensing. I don’t think that can be avoided so feel free to send me the Jibes Smile

Fingers crossed my friends and followers won’t now abandon me and hopefully you will find my insights in coming months and years useful and interesting.

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