Jul 092011

I have been looking at a few different backup products recently and found AppAssure Replay 4.

Some key benefits that stood out to me were:

  • 8GB / Minute backup and recovery speeds
  • Block Level snapshots.
  • Integrated duplication reduces backup storage foot print by 80% or even more.
  • Integrated replication to reduce storage costs and enable off-site and cloud-based backups

What I found quite cool is that if you choose to you can restore back to bare metal or a single email from a single recovery point. This quite a flexible recovery strategy.

Being able to mount a Windows drive back to a backup recovery point (say a c: drive) so you can access the data without having to restore the entire backup. This saves on additional storage.

Virtual standby environments create a VM (straight to a vSphere env) from a recovery point, but what makes this cool is that it automatically updates with the latest recovery point. As you can imagine this means being able to keep a running backup of target server.

Replication across HTTP of the recovery points so at the remote site you will have access to the entire backup of your server at your remote site.

Battling with software vendors like Veeam will be difficult but Replay 4 is a viable alternative and has some cool features and worth considering if you are looking for a backup and replication solution.

AppAssure CEO Naj Husain discusses Replay,

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