May 092011

VCE today announced a new Vblock infrastructure platform at EMC world. VCE have taken the opportunity to refresh the storage component of the Vblock (as EMC brought out its VNX range recently and also change the basic offerings.

In addition to the new storage options, there will be expanded RAID types and more blade and fabric options.

VCE has received criticism due to what was perceived as a lack of range of the Vblock offering. To address this and to evolve the product line they have enhanced the range of offerings.

For a start they are changing the naming conventions,

With the introduction of the new Vblock Series called 300, VCE will also be changing the name of the Symmetrix based Vblock 2 to the Vblock Series 700. The current Vblock Infrastructure Platforms 0, 1 and 1U will remain unchanged. I would expect that these would get updated at some point this year as the product line evolves.

300 Series:


Using the EX, FX, GX and HX tags apply to the 300 series to differentiate between the scales of deployment now means that greater choice and flexibility is now given to the customer.

700 Series:


The 700 series is aimed at Enterprise customers and is configurable with its compute stack (blade choices) meaning it can be scaled to meet requirements.


Vblock Platform Series:



Expect to see more Vblock products added to the line throughout the year as VCE attempt to cover all possible customer requirements.


Main Vblock Components:



For more information on the Vblock update or Vblocks in general then please see the bellow:

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